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Our Mission

To provide your family with a healthier home!

CrawlSpace Care Pro increases energy efficiency, eliminates conducive conditions such as moisture, including standing water and humidity.  Those conditions lead to wood rot, mildew spore growth, fungus and mold. By controlling the humidity and moisture in your home, we make the quality of the air you breathe better for you and your family!  

Customers First!

At Crawlspace Care Pro, we put our customers first. We listen to your concerns. We provide Free Inspections, inspect your crawl space and report back to you on our findings. Every crawlspace is different. Each has its own unique problems. We work with our customers to find the best and most affordable solutions.


Crawlspace Care Pro has a complete system to address any crawl space problem. There are four main benefits.

Improved Air Quality

Are you allergic to your own home? Funky smells and odors are a sign of a serious mold and mildew infestation. There is a solution.

HVAC Energy Savings

Controlling your crawl space air creates a big opportunity to cut down on your HVAC power use.  Save up to 18% per month in power usuage.

Reduced Pests

A physical barrier stops many different types of crawl space pests. Removing the water keeps them away from your house!

Rot Protection

Wet wood will rot. A dry crawl space preserves the wood structure of your joists and subfloor. Protect your home from quiet damage.

Our Customers Respond

“I used to dread going down there. Now everything is clean and encapsulated. We have a dehumidifier. We have a device in our kitchen that tells us the humidity levels down there.”
Barry Shields
Danville, VA
“Jeff did a great job! Everything was explained throughout the process. Our crawl space now has a great looking vapor barrier. We are very happy with everything. Also, I have already shown it to several people. Would definitely recommend it!”
Rowena Hughes
Danville, VA

Before and After

Checkout a section of  crawl space in a customer’s home before and after service.